SOUND BATH Explained by Derrick Little, in his own words:
A Sound Bath is a therapeutic resonant concert experience, which uses intentional sound as a tool for deep relaxation, clearing the conscious mind and also is believed to support self-healing.
During a sound baths I use penetrating harmonic instruments such as gongs, crystal bowls and drone instruments to assist listeners to disengage from the thinking (and often anxious) mind so that, through “resting” the thoughts, one awakes from the experience with more clarity and less mental stress.
The harmonic instruments in a Sound Bath are tools.

When these tools are played in combination with a clear “healing” intention from the player (or practitioner) in combination with a clear “healing” intention from a listener, the sounds (vibrational energy) can have a transformative effect that is often considered a positive type of holistic therapy.
In it’s simplest application, intentional harmonic sound can assist listeners to “tune out” of the conscious mind and “tune in” to breathe, relax the physical body and utilize sound to release mental/physical anxieties and restore balance.
In it’s more complicated and esoteric application, it is believed that intentional sound can shift energy, clear energy and even create radical change in the physical, mental and/0r spiritual world. (Examples of this are realized via the scientific field of Cymatics, modern hypnotherapies, ancient ritualistic cultures and the use of incantations and mantra practices, just to name a few).
Intentional, resonant sound is believed to have a wide range of positive effects on listeners. Most people find a sound bath to be calming, grounding and rejuvenating. My use of sound is very much informed by my own spiritual use of intentional sound as a link to the divine (especially via Mantra as a Kundalini Yoga teacher) as well as my own experience of self-healing with sound AND a number of years of personal study and training with some masterful teachers.
All info here is based on Derrick's personal study, formal training, experiences with and, most importantly, his dedicated practice of Intentional Sacred Sound as an energy tool. Derrick has been using SOUND since 2010. No information as expressed here may be used without his permission.


He beckons all who seek answers to "listen to the wise yet always trust your own experience".



Sound Bath explained by Derrick Little


A Sound Bath is a therapeutic resonant concert based on the practice of deep listening.  The experience involves the intentional use of penetrating harmonic instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, drone instruments and more.


Listeners are guided through simple, gentle breathe awareness and conscious physical relaxation as resonant instruments are played to create an abstract, multi-layered layered harmonic sound. 


Due to the nature of the sound, listeners tend to “tune out” of the conscious mind as they “tune in” to breathe and relax the physical body, and “attune” themselves to the experience of deep listening and often “drift away” on a gentle "cloud of sound". 


Some individuals experience a deep state of relaxation also known as “waking sleep” which can be explained as the "grey area" between awake and asleep. 


Resonant, harmonious sound is believed to have a wide range of positive effects on listeners. There is much literature and theory, both scientific and esoteric, on the positive impact that intentional sound and harmonics have on human wellness.  My use of sound for self-care is based on a very simple explanation that informs my playing technique. That is that The Natural World seeks to Exist in Harmony. “Harmony” as applied in this context, means balance of polarities, a.i. night and day, birth and death, happy and sad, young and old and so on. 


In our modern “man-made” world we have created a copious amount of disruption to this natural state. Yet, even amid a modern world often full of discord, all things, including humans, still seek to be in Harmony; Harmony in mind, Harmony in physical body, Harmony in environment, Harmony in self and Harmony in the world. 


A Sound Bath can create an experience of harmony that not only envelops but also penetrates listeners.

It is my intention when playing a sound baths to give individuals an experience HARMONY on both a audible, sensual level as well as an esoteric primordial level. I believe that this experience of Harmonious Sound brings into one’s consciousness a recognition that we can inhabit such a state. 


Sound Baths affect individuals in a vast variety of ways. Most people find them calming, grounding, rejuvenating or even as a type of dream-like journey into one's psyche. I also like the idea of considering a Sound Bath like a deep massage for your enegetic being. The best way to make your decision is to allow yourself the experience.  


I hope to share my love of intentional sound with you via a Sound Bath sometime very soon.

I look forward to playing for you!

- DL



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