A Sound Bath is a unique, resonant concert EXPERIENCE believed to have a wide range of

positive effects on listeners. There is much literature and popular interest in  sound baths nowadays.


As someone who utilizes intentional sound as a spiritual practice many of my beliefs about

the "power of sound" are based on my personal experience. Thus rather than recapitulate

the vast theories, popular pressresearch studies, shamanic methods or even medical science behind sound therapies, I simply invite those with interest to have the experience and formulate their own opinion.


During a sound bath,I plays various instruments including:


  • Pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Multiple Gongs
  • Native Flutes
  • Drums
  • Drone Instruments
  • Crystal Pyramids
  • Harmonica
  • Rattles
  • Voice
  •  Mental Intention


Sound baths affect individuals in a vast variety of ways. Most people find them calming, grounding, rejuvenating or even as a type of dream-like journey into one's psyche.


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