A Sound Bath is a unique, resonant concert EXPERIENCE believed to have a wide range of positive effects on listeners. There is much literature and popular interest in sound baths nowadays.


I use of intentional sound as a spiritual practice and most of my ideas about the "power of sound" are based on the personal experience I've cultivated through personal searching, fantastic teachers and (most importantly) my devoted daily practice for both myself and individuals I share my practice with.


There are countless theoriespopular pressresearch studiesshamanic methods medical science and other hoopla surrounding sound and sound therapy. I invite anyone with interest to go on your own search, have the experience and formulate his or her own opinion. That said, in my own words and opinion, s Sound Bath is a resonant concert based on the practice of deep listening which involves the use of penetrating harmonic instruments such as gongs, crystal bowls and various drone instruments.


Individuals are guided through simple, gentle breath awareness and conscious physical relaxation as resonant instruments are played in repetitive patterns.


The instruments I use in Sound Bath create multi-layered layered harmonics which enable listeners tend to “tune out” of the conscious mind as they “tune in” to breathe, relax the physical body and  “attune” themselves more to the experience of deep listening.


Some individuals experience a deep state of relaxation also known as “waking sleep” while other individuals often go on an inner journey and still others actually fall asleep.


Resonant, harmonious sound is believed to have a wide range of positive effects on listeners. Perhaps this is because it is our true nature to want to exist in harmony. Funny thing about humans is we have created a modern world, which is full of discord,


In the simplest explanation, a Sound Bath gives an EXPERIENCE of harmony that both penetrates AND envelops listeners. It is my intention in a sound bath, to allow individuals to experience HARMONY both audibly and sensually.  


Sound baths impact individuals in a vast variety of ways. Most people find them calming, grounding, rejuvenating. The best way to make your decision is to allow yourself the experience.





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