Derrick/Mantra offers private, one-on-one sound therapy sessions:


Sound + REIKI Sessions are meant as a holistic, restorative, calming and balancing tool for overall wellness and self-healing. Some clients report reduced anxiety, reduced physical pain, less worry, more clarity and an overall sense of "lightness" and calmness and balance in being. Derrick/Mantra uses a variety of resonant instruments including Traditional Himalayan Bowl Therapy, Gongs, Drums, Bells, Drones, Mantra/Voice/Vocal Toning + REIKI.


Sound Sessions with Derrick include:

  • Private, one-on-one sound healing sessions + REIKI
  • Sound Baths for small groups
  • House clearings using sound
  • Guided Mantra and Affirmation Meditations (utilizing sound with traditional Kundalini Yoga)
  • Workshops and Talks about Sound-As-Medicine
  • Ceremonial Performances using Sacred Sound


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