What is REIKI?


REIKI is an unseen universal Life Force energy,which naturally exists and is an eternal component of our Universe, similar to Chi, Prana or Light Energy. REIKI was first harnessed and used (or channeled) for healing by a Japanese doctor named Mikao Usui in the early 1900's.  The word "REI-KI” ismade of two parts, the REI means "spiritual wisdom" and Ki means "life energy".


What is REIKI healing?


REIKI healing is a hands-on energy healing technique that was developed by a Mikao Usui (Mikao Usui Sensei). REIKI practitioners must study with a master teacher and be energetically attuned by that master to become a conduit and transmitter of REIKI energy.  REIKI practitioners are like radios whose antennae have been adjusted to dial into the REIKI radio station. Through formal training and attunement practitioners can gain the ability to receive & transmit REIKI energy so it can be utilized as a tool to enhance and support wellness of Mind, Body and Spirit.


REIKI has been developed and passed down through thousands of initiates and is safe and powerful because it keeps the healer or "energy worker" from having to use his or her own personal energy when working with a client. REIKI's pure and ever-abundant energy cannot be harmful. One can never receive too much of it. REIKI can only be tapped into through a formal attunement with a trained REIKI master.


How does the REIKI practitioner transmit REIKI energy into the receiver?


REIKI is traditionally transferred into the recipient by way the practitioner "placing hands" onto the recipient during a treatment. However REIKI can also be transmitted and is highly effective with the practitioner NOT placing their hands onto the recipient’s physical body. REIKI practitioners also work with their hands hovering above the recipient’s body.


What happens in a REIKI Session?


During a session the practitioner's hands are placed onto (or hover above) the physical body of the recipient and REIKI flows through the practitioner and into the receiver. Although the "hands on" method is most used, REIKI treatments can be done effectively without physical touch and REIKI healing energy can be sent over great distances as well.


Can REIKI be used to assist one to heal or recover from serious medical conditions?


YES, REIKI is a fantastic support tool for all types of recovery and healing. REIKI is recognized as an "energy medicine" by numerous accredited medical institutions, hospitals and wellness centers as a holistic alternative therapy that positively impacts individuals in need of healing. Memorial Sloane Kettering Institute and many other established and reputable medical institutions, such as the Mayo Clinic recognize, teach and recommend REIKI as valuable component of holistic and integrative health initiatives. However REIKI should not be thought of as a substitute for proper medical diagnosis and standard medical treatment for illnesses of any kind.


Can REIKI be harmful?


NO, REIKI is a pure life-force energy that exists through all space and time as a living current of vibrancy, purity and good. It is benevolent only positive in its effect(s). REIKI cannot cause any type of harm. REIKI, as taught to trained practitioners like myself, is used and administered formally, compassionately and in a state meditative stat of neutrality. I adhere to the traditional and formal guidelines as taught to me by my teacher (Mika Ichihara) and pride myself on being a formally trained and attuned channel and nothing more or less.


What is REIKI treatment good for?


The healing energy of REIKI and its application can aide in physical healing post surgery, lessen physical pain, reduce mental anxiety, calm restlessness, assist insomnia and also positively impact countless other ailments and conditions.

REIKI is also good for overall "re-tuning" and balancing of the energy systems of the mind, body and spirit.


What happens during a REIKI treatment?


During a REIKI treatment the receiver lies down in a comfortable position and the practitioner can either physically place their hands on the recipients body or treat the recipient with the hands just above the body. The practitioner is a "conduit" for REIKI energy to flow from his/her hands into the individual receiving the energy healing.


What does REIKI feel like?


REIKI can feel like warmth, heat, and waves of unseen energy, coldness, tingling and a number of other physical sensations. Most individuals find the energy is enjoyable, relaxing and calming.



How long is a REIKI treatment?


Derrick offers 45 minute REIKI treatments or 75-minute REIKI sessions coupled with Sound Vibration Therapy.


Visit the Contact/Book page for info.


Please note that Derrick also offers REIKI and SOUND HEALING sessions to extremely ill and/or financially compromised individuals in medical recovery at reduced rates and/or by other means of "energetic exchange".


Interested individuals please visit the Contact/Book and send Derrick a personal note about your situation and need.



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