Derrick/Mantra offers private, one-on-one healing sessions with traditional Himalayan Bowls and REIKI.

During a Sound + REIKI session Derrick uses traditional Himalayan Bowl therapy to induce a deep state of "waking sleep" aka deep relaxation (alpha/theta brain wave state). This portion of a session is similar to traditional hypnosis. Once the mind/body is brough into this realxed, grounded and balanced state, he then administers REIKI.


Metal is known to be a conduit o REIKI energy. Therefore Derrick's ancient metal Himalayan bowls are perfect tools for amplifying the REIKI energy.


What is REIKI?

REIKI is an energy healing technique administered by an attuned REIKI practitioner (Derrick is trained/attuned to Usui-Shiki Ryoho REIKI II).

REIKI energy can be likened to Chi/Prana and/or what is commonly called life force energy. When an individual trains to administer REIKI with a REIKI Master, they both learn how to channel this energy and also receive an "attunement"  which opens their crown chakra to receive this energetic current and ALSO then focus and transmit its energy to individuals they give REIKI to.


What does REIKI do?

During a session, REIKI is guided into the recipients energetic centers (chakras). their physical body, thei mind and even their aura. REIKI then moves into the recipients areas of need and works to heal and rebalance any ailments in these given areas. REIKI can also be specifically directed to heal areas of physical pain and even ones negative thought patterns or past traumas that have negatively impacted the mind/body.


What happens in a REIKI session?

REIKI is administered by the receiver (client) finding themself in a relaxed and comfortable position and then by also mentally allowing themselves to receive the energy healing. The REIKI practitioner then places the hands onto that individual and the REIKI energy flows into the client via the practitioners hands. REIKI can also be powerfully and effectively transmitted without the practitioner physically touching the individual receiving the REIKI healing.


What does REIKI feel like?

The sensation of a REIKI treatment varies from person to person. It has been described as warmth, tingling, expansion, coldness, currents or waves of energy. Generally I have only heard of REIKI being felt as a welcome and comforting energy, usually enjoyed by those who receive it.


Is REIKI dangerous?

No, REIKI energy is energy of a higher and more ascended vibration. It is a pure energy force that exists beyond the physical realm we humand life in. It is a beautiful, kind, loving energy that only does good when channelled and given by a trained REIKI practitioner. 


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