Intentional sound is an ebergy medicine which can be a catalyst for change.


My personal journey into the use of intentional sound started in 2009 when my life fell apart and I lost myself in immense darkness, physical sickness, sorrow, loss, anger, debilitating numbness and despair.


During that time that I acquired a crystal "singing" bowl. (Crystal singing bowls are resonant drone instruments that, when played, sustain an audible tone on a fixed frequency or note).


This bowl was a teacher that assisted me to take the difficult "first steps" into the depths of myself and begin the required work necessary for me to begin healing myself.


I used intention + sound to focus, listen, feel, become aware, to ask, to pray, to laugh, to cry, to move, and even to let go and forgive. But above all I used the sound of my first drone instrument as a tool to EXPLORE myself.


Using Intentional Sound allowed me to revisit, release and begin to remedy negative energies that I had collected, carried and even coveted for a number of years. However I know it was not sound that "healed" me. No, it was my own intention and my own hard work on myself that helped me to slowly get better.


I credit Intentional Sound as the TOOL that opened the door to doing that hard work I had to do to heal myself.


Intentional Sound continues to carry me through the work I engage in each and every day to be a better person (and, hopefully my most harmonious and balanced self).


10+ years later, my daily spiritual practice (sadhana) is centered on my continued exploration study and practice of Intentional Sound(s) and the formal tradition of Kundalini yoga.


It is with gratitude, love and highest intention that I share this tool, which continues to ground me, balance me, attune me to a higher vibration and cultivate balance and harmony in every day of my blessed life.


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