What are Himalayan Bowls?


Himalayan bowls are ancient bell instruments forged traditionally from a bronze alloy containing gold, silver, tin, lead copper, mercury and iron.


These instruments are a type of standing bell played by striking or rubbing the rim with a wooden, felt or leather-wrapped mallet. The friction of mallet on bowl causes the sides and rim of the bowl to vibrate, producing a rich harmonic and resonating "pure" sound.


Ancient Himalayan bowls were originally been used in ritual practices of the Bon religion although their exact historical use is largely unknown. What is known about them is that when they are properly played they resonate harmonic tones and overtones that can slow down the brain wave patterns of listeners. In doing so, Himalayan Bowls often transport a listener from an awake Gamma/Beta brainwave state into a more relaxed and lucid Alpha, Theta or Delta brainwave state.


By inducing Alpha/Theta/Delta brain wave patterns listeners experience deep relaxation or what is often termed "Conscious sleep". In this state of induced deep relaxation it is believed the physical body is better able to utilize it's innate self-healing abilities.


The rich yet subtle harmonics and overtones of the bowls are believed to balance (or rebalance)our subconscious mind by attuning us again to the primordial self.


In my experience and practice with traditional Himalayan bowl-healing methods and through study with seasoned practitioners teachers like Diane Mandle and Satya Brat, I know Himalayan Bowls possess many powers of "self experience" that can not be fully explained in words


There are methods to clear, repair, balance and calm the mind, relax the physical body, methods to decrease stress and anxiety, methods to alleviate physical pain and to assist one to revisit emotional trauma so one can hopefully allow for a release of the negative impact such traumas cause to both physical and mental states.


In short Himalayan Bowls, when used correctly and traditionally, have been proven to have many positive impacts on the mind, body and spirit, which, according to the principles of Ayuvedic Wellness, are the three components, which make the human being.


Here is a link to a very short video about the power of therapeutic sound as utilized by the amazing Dr. Mitchell Gaynor in treatment of cancer patients.


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