What is Healing?

 "Healing” is simply "to make whole."


What is a Healer?

A healer is one who holds space for and bears witness to another's ability to heal them.


"Ask and Allow"

Healing requires the opening of the heart & mind via an honest, humble acceptance of one's wounds and a clear, self-empowering intention to heal.


Sacred Sound can "set the stage" for one's heart to open to the possibility of inner harmony, balance and wholeness. It is through the experience of harmony, balance and wholeness that we learn how to strengthen our own ability to stay in harmony, balance and wholeness. Resonant, harmonic instruments (such as gongs/bowls) are the perfect tools to introduce individuals to states of harmony, balance and wholeness by way of their tones and frequencies. I believe once one begins to experience true states of harmony, balance and wholeness, it then becomes easier to make decisions, take actions and create habits in our day-to-day life that emulates and sustains them.


The two photos below are images of cut roses that were exposed to intentional sound at two different sound baths I played at All Yoga in NYC.


These two different roses both sprouted new growth even as they wilted in their vases after the sound baths. Power of Nature? Power of Healing Intention? Perhaps both? Or just cool coincidence? Perhaps if one believes in miracles such as the power to regenerate and grow anew, miracles begin to manifest.


I see my own life as proof of how such things can and do happen.



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