What is Healing?

 "Healing"  is simply "to make whole."


What is a Healer?

A healer is one who holds space for

and bears witness to another's

initiation to heal themself.


"Ask and Allow"

Healing requires the

opening of the heart & mind

via an honest, humble

intention to heal.


I use Sacred Sound

to simply set the stage

for one's heart to open to

harmony, balance and wholeness.


The two photos below are images

of cut roses which were exposed

to intentional sound at two

different sound baths I played 

at All Yoga NYC.


These two different roses both sprouted new growth

even as they wilted in their vases after the sound baths.

Power of Nature?

Power of Healing Intention?

Perhaps both?

Or just cool coincidence?


I believe if one believes in 

Everyday Miraclles

thos Everyday Miracles

just might manifest

more often than not.


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