What are

Crystal Singing Bowls?


Crystal singing bowls are

resonating instruments

that emit a focused note or tone.


What are Crystal Bowls

made from?


Crystal singing bowls are made

from quartz crystal that

has been fired at extreme

temperatures until it forms a

quartz glass. Some bowls are

“fusion bowls” which

means they are made from quartz

and another mineral or metal

which fuse together during

the firing process.


What is Quartz?


Quartz in crystal form consists

of molecules of silicon dioxide

arranged in a highly

structured geometric pattern.

Quartz crystal is piezoelectric,

which means it develops an

electric potential

(or a sustainable resonance)

when mechanical stress is applied to it.

Quartz’s ability to resonate

and sustain a precise frequency

has made it a common transmitter

and receiverin crystal oscillators

found in watches, radios,

phonographs and computers

around the globe.


How are they played?


The bowls are played by gently

striking them and then carrying

their resonance the by using a

suede or rubber "wand".


What do they sound like?


Their tone and frequency can be

highly hypnotic, therapeutic and soothing

while simultaneously penetrating, intense

and emotional. The sounds they

emit are not only audibly heard,

but also felt in the physical body.


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