"The Gong is an intrument of the Yogi" -Yogi Bhajan 


"SOUND has always been considered a direct link between humanity and  the Divine.  At some point, all of the ancient mystery schools taught their students the use of SOUND as a creative and healing force." -Ted Andrews



"The inward and essential part of each and every being is composed of fine vibrations, and the external part is formed of gross ones. The finer part we name Spirit and the grosser part Matter, the former being less subject to change and destruction and the latter more so." -Hazrat Inayat Khan


"In it's most practical explanation and use; Sound is a tool that transforms invisible intention into an audible vibration that directly impacts the gross, material world."

-Derrick Little 




16 Minute GONG meditation:



Untitled Song (with drone and Himalayan Bowl):



Short Documentary about Self-Healing (featuring Derrick):



Magic of Sound as a Spiritual Practice:


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