Intentional sound is a  powerful medicine.


My journey into sound healing and the world of sacred sound started in 2009 when my life fell apart and I found myself in a place of immense darkness, sorrow, loss, anger and overall despair.


It was during this time that I miraculously acquired my first singing bowl.


This bowl quickly become a teacher and a key which unlocked countless doors into my own self-healing journey. I forged a daily practice with this one bowl and began to intentionally direct it's sound to create positive changes in my life and I began to use sound vibrations to "cut away" malevolent energies that I had both collected and carried for a number of years. The transformative impact this single bowl had on me and my life led me forward to explore and learn about sound as medicine.


10 years later, I continue to explore, learn, practice heal and grow. It is with gratitude, love and healing intentions that I share this practice and the powerful alchemy of sound that teaches us how we may manifest, cultivate and live a life more in tune with our natural state of balance and divine harmony.


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