Derrick's service offerings and base fees are listed below. Bookings are made via the booking table and calender on the Contact/Book page of this site. Note the descriptions below also have links in red to pages in this website which fully explain the services listed. 


Hand Analysis/Palm Reading Offerings:

  • 1 Hr. LIFE PURPOSE HAND ANALYSIS READING (phone or in-person) -  $200         This non-predictive, invaluable "life purpose consult" is the best tool to point you toward your unique "True North". In this reading, Derrick translates the unique, soul-level life map written in your hands and uses it to outline, define, clarify and clearly explain your unique soul-level "Life Purpose" and your soul-level "Life Lesson". The "Life Purpose" as written in the hand reveals the UNIQUE gifts that exist within you and are meant to be harnessed, utilized and inhabited during your lifetime so you may reap true meaning, self worth and fulfillment in living your life. "Life Lessons" are the soul-level challenges that your highest self signed up to experience, learn from and work through this lifetime."Life Lessons" are the challenges and obstacles that, when confronted and worked through, make you grow as a person and BLOOM into the best you. It is Derrick's belief that understanding the obstacles and challenges in your life from the soul level truly allows one to confront, engage and consciously work through them. This invaluable, life-clarifying reading brings into clear focus a deep understaing of self so one may cultivate compassion for self & genuine excitement and gratitude for your unique life path.
  • Hourly Life-Purpose Palm Reading at Events - starts at $ 350 for 2 hrs. (2 hr Min)               Derrick gives 15 min. life purpose palm readings to individuals at parties, events and self-empowerment gatherings in and around the NY-Metro Area. Minimum of 2 hours required for the base rate of $ 350.00. ($ 125 per hour after first 2 hours) Final price is subject to event specifics. If you have questions before booking please schedule the introductory phone call from Contact/Book Page.
  • 1 hr. RETURN CLIENT Follow-Up Life Purpose Coaching- $ 75/hr                              Coaching creates the accountability that is necessary to track your progress, understand your weaknesses and change bad habits as you inhabit better ones needed to move forward and manifest you purpose-full life. Let Derrick help you BLOOM Your Life Purpose! Since true CHANGE can be challenging Derrick offers follow-ups and check-in sessions to support you. He helps you set goals, develop positive practices and track your progress to attain your goals.


  • 45 Min. In-House REIKI TREATMENT Session - $ 75  REIKI is holistic energy healing technique that promotes overall wellness, balance and supports self-healing. Clients report faster physical healing times, alleviation of pain, reduced mental anxiety, reduced stress, reduced physical pain, mental clarity and calmness.
  • 80 Min, In-House REIKI w/Sound Medicine- $ 125  In this REIKI session, Derrick uses resonant instruments a.i. traditional 9-metal Himalayan Bowls, crystal bowls, drones and gongs to suport REIKI. The combinantion of REIKI and SOUND is effective for mental anxiety reduction, energetic re-balancing and promotes the self-healing systems of the physical body. Sessions are holistic, restorative, calming and extremely rejuvenating. Clients report reduced anxiety, reduced physical pain, overall energy increase, mental clarity and more.
  • 2 hr 15 Min. REIKI Session + Life Purpose Hand Reading - $ 250 This fantastic gift to self combines a REIKI session with a Life Purpose Consultation. 45 minute REIKI Healing session followed by a 1 hour Life Purpose Hand Consultation. Derrick offers REIKI for wellness, physical and mental balance and then guides you through understanding your life purpose and life lesson over tea.


  • 1.5 Hr. Sound Bath Meditation/Concert at Your Location - $ 300 A Sound Bath is a deep listening, meditative self-care immersion which uses harmonics, sound vibration and "intentional sound" to induce deep mental and physical stress reduction. For this service Derrick travels to your home, office or other location with an array of resonant instruments including Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Drones and more and to create a meditative, relaxing, resonant, intentional sound experience for up to 25 individuals. This type of "Deep Listening" experience is fantastic for busy offices seeking a fast and effective "unwind", for small parties interested in holistic wellness, for urban retreats and any other of group wellness event. 
  •  Hourly Life-Purpose Palm Reading at Events - starts at $ 350 for 2 hrs. (2 hr Min) Derrick gives quick (10-20 mi.) on-site life purpose palm readings to individuals at parties, events and self-empowerment gatherings in and around the NY-Metro Area. Minimum of 2 hours required for the base rate of $ 350.00 - NOTE: final price is subject to event specifics as well as if there are travel/parking fees involved. If you have questions before booking please schedule the introductory phone call from Contact/Book Page.
  • 3 Hr. Combo Sound Bath & Hand Readings at Your Location - $550 oCreate the ultimate intimate wellness event for you and your friends. Derrick offers an evening for up to 8 people where he combines a Sound Bath Concert and 1-on-1 Hand Readings for intimate groups in the NYC Metro Area. Derrick leads a guided sound bath meditation and then engages the group afterwards with Life Purpose Hand readings.
  • 1.5 Hr. Couples In-House Sound Bath Date for TWO) $150 - A wonderful wellness adventure for you and your loved one. This type of sound energy work is fantastic for energetic clearing, rebalancing and self-reflection. Derrick uses Gongs, himalayan bowls, crystal bowls and more to support physical relaxation, mental clarity and overall harmony and balance.


If you have questions before booking a service, choose the INTRODUCTORY CALL from the menu below.


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