Derrick's services are listed below.


Please note that due to the Covid-19 Pandemic REIKI, Sound + REIKI, Yoga Classes, Events including Sound Bath Concerts are suspended until further notice.


Hand Analysis/Palm Reading Offerings:

  • Non-predictive "life purpose consult" can point you toward your unique "True North". Derrick translates the unique, life map written in your hands and uses it to outline, define, clarify and clearly explain the UNIQUE gifts that exist within you and are meant to be harnessed, utilized and inhabited during your lifetime. He also defines the challenges and obstacles that your soul came here to learn from.
  • Understanding your gifts and your challenges the obstacles from the soul level truly allows one to confront, engage and consciously work through them.
  • This invaluable, clarifying hand reading brings into clear focus a deep understanding of self so one may cultivate excitement and gratitude for your unique life path and unlock truly purposeful living.
  • Hourly Life-Purpose Palm Reading at Events - Currently not available


Services currently not available, due to COVID-19

  • 45 Min. In-House REIKI TREATMENT Session:  REIKI is holistic energy healing technique that promotes overall wellness, balance and supports self-healing. Clients report faster physical healing times, alleviation of pain, reduced mental anxiety, reduced stress, reduced physical pain, mental clarity and calmness.
  • 80 Min, In-House REIKI w/Sound Medicine:  In this REIKI session, Derrick uses resonant instruments a.i. traditional 9-metal Himalayan Bowls, crystal bowls, drones and gongs to suport REIKI. The combinantion of REIKI and SOUND is effective for mental anxiety reduction, energetic re-balancing and promotes the self-healing systems of the physical body. Sessions are holistic, restorative, calming and extremely rejuvenating. Clients report reduced anxiety, reduced physical pain, overall energy increase, mental clarity and more.
  • 2 hr 15 Min. REIKI Session + Life Purpose Hand Reading: This fantastic gift to self combines a REIKI session with a Life Purpose Consultation. 45 minute REIKI Healing session followed by a 1 hour Life Purpose Hand Consultation. Derrick offers REIKI for wellness, physical and mental balance and then guides you through understanding your life purpose and life lesson over tea.

SOUND BATH CONCERTS are currently suspended but visit Derrick's VIMEO page for some recording you can enjoy on your headphones!


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