What is Vocal Toning?


Vocal "toning" is a simple esoteric tradition

that uses the primal sound of one's voice

as a key instrument for proper



Its premise is that through focused

vocalization of vowel sounds  

 we can activate, stimulate, restore and repair

the "natural vibrational current"

of our physical and subtle bodies.


In many of mankind's ancient and modern

oral languages, vowel sounds are sacred.

This is because vowels are usually

the component of language that

"carry"  the spoken word.

(whereras consonants

are the aspects which serve to

start/stop and punctaue language)


Vowels are created by opening

the vocal tract.

(consonants are created by closure

or constriction of the vocal tract)


These vocalizations also allow us to aubibly hear

how energy is flowing through us.

Vocal toning, when done on a daily basis,

is a powerful, useful and readily accessible

tool for overall energetic wellness.


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