What are Crystal Singing Bowls?


Crystal singing bowls are

unique instruments

that, when played, resonate a pure,

clear, therapeutic sacred sound.

I believe Quartz Bowls are a true

voice of Earth.

In my experience, the naturally

occuring sounds they create

have an undeniably positive

impact on mind, body and spirit.


What are Crystal Singing Bowls made of?


Crystal singing bowls are made

from pure quartz crystal that

has been fired at extreme

temperatures until it forms a

quartz glass. Some bowls are

“fusion bowls” which

means they are made from quartz

and another mineral or metal

which fuse together during

the firing process.


What is Quartz?


Quartz in crystal form consists

of molecules of silicon dioxide

arranged in a highly

structured geometric pattern.

Quartz crystal is piezoelectric,

which means it develops an

electric potential

(or a sustainable resonance)

when mechanical stress is applied to it.

Quartz’s ability to resonate

and sustain a precise frequency

has made it a common transmitter

and receiverin crystal oscillators

found in watches, radios,

phonographs and computers

around the globe.


How are the bowls played?


The bowls are played by gently

striking them and then carrying

their resonance the by using a

suede or rubber "wand".


What do they sound like?


Their tone and frequency can be

highly hypnotic, therapeutic and soothing

while simultaneously penetrating, intense

and emotional. The sounds they

emit are not only audibly heard,

but also felt in the physical body.


What is “healing”?


"Healing" is defined as

“the process of becoming whole”.

Healing is a highly personal experience,

unique and individual for any person that

asks and allows the healing process

to enter into and manifest in their life.



How does "Sound Healing"

with Crystal Singing Bowls work?


I believe the true nature and power

of sacred sound therapies

can not be fully understood or explained.

I believe they are experienced and each

person tends to have their own experience

when having sound directed to them and/or

played for them with a positive and loving intention.


I shy away from the term "sound healing"

as I firmly believe within each of

us lies our power to "heal" ourselves.


But I will add that there are many tools

that help us each on our journies, should we

be seeking some self-recovery (or healing).


As a daily practitioner of sacred sound

with Quartz Bowls,

I can only speak from my experience

and my daily practice.

I will add that the more I practice,

the more I learn, and the more I learn

the more I grow.


I play a set of quartz bowls which

are organically (or naturally) tuned

to the pentatonic scale.

The premise is that the notes

of the scale:


correlate with specific regions

and functions of our physical body

and also our chakra system.

When an the bowls sound, sustain

and maintain a certain note,

that sound resonates with the correlating

area(s) in our physical body or energy field.

The sound stimulates an array of

positive therapeutic responses

based on the law of resonance.


In my simplest attempt to explain

the power of sacred

therapeutic sounds;

I believe therapeutic sounds

assist us to absorb, process, utilize,

replenish and maintain our

vital life-force energy. 

I believe sacred sound allows us

to release and clear energies which may

interfere with

or hinder us from our natural state of

divine neutrality and calm.


Here is a link to a very short video about the

power of therapeutic sound as utilized

by the amazing Dr. Mitchell Gaynor in treatment

of cancer patients.



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