Derrick is a lifelong student of the ancient art of Hand Analysis (aka Palmistry).The style of hand reading Derrick is trained in and practices in is a non-predictive, informative, highly accurate method which can be life changing for the individuals he reads for.

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During a reading Derrick translates the map in your hands to clearly define your unique:

  • Life Purpose, which is mapped in your fingerprints and defines the soul-level gifts you brought with you into this lifetime. Knowing your unique Life Purpose is an unmatched tool for guidance, clarification, understanding and/or validation from your highest "soul-self". To KNOW your "Life Purpose" is life-changing because it clearly defines your unique talents, abilities and "reason for being" from a SOUL LEVEL. When you know your Life Purpose you can then engage consciously to inhabit it and by doing so you are guaranteed to experience an unmatched sense of purpose and fullfilment in living your life.Life LESSON, Which means the nature of "earthly challenges" your SOUL chose to learn from in this current human incarnation.  
  • Life Lessons, which are unique to every individual just like the Life Purpose. Your life lessons manifest as events, actions, habits, circumstances both real or imagined. They are the trials of your life which are woven into the fabric of your being and your life that you must confront and move through. These "soul level" lessons are meant to help each of us us grow by providing a means to elevate ourselves as we work through them and exalt them. Knowing your life lesson cultivates a deep compassion for yourself and an understanding of your challenges from the vantage point of the soul. It is yet another invaluable tool literally written right there in your own two seemingly empty hands, 
  • Unique Gifts, Elemental Makeup (Earth/Air/Fire/Water), Hand Shape, line patterns and other markings show you personality type, you strengths and weaknesses and a variety of other useful information that can help you understand what, about YOURSELF, may be helping you or hindering you from fully inhabiting the Life Purpose you came to earth to live.

Derrick has studied the language of hands independantly for over twenty years. He is formally trained and certified as an IIHA scientific hand analyst.

He can be booked for short, in-person "Life Purpose" readings in-person at parties and events in the NYC-Metro Area (hourly) but he specializes in highy detailed, in-depth, hour-long hand analysis readings via a printed hand-print.


NOTE: Derrick's method of reading from an inked hand print allows the most flexibility with scheduling a reading with Derrick as the reading is done over the phone (sessions are recorded for your convenience) and with Skype, he also reads for indivduals internationally.


Below is a video on how to use the hand-printing kit he will mail to you to print your hands for your reading. Visit the CONTACT/BOOK PAGE to book.


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