Hand analysis 

is an ancient method and tool

to gain immense self-knowledge 

and incredibly specific insight

for personal guidance on one's

unique Life Path.


Derrick's readings are

analytical, informative, 

confidential and private. 


He utilizes professional

hand analysis techniques

and his heart and soul

to offer practical wisdom

and informed insight

to every individual he counsels.


The information Derrick

translates from the hands includes:


1) One's "Life PURPOSE"

Which means a state of being one

"longs to inhabit" on a SOUL LEVEL

where they likely feel the most

sense of fullfilment in living.


2) One's "Life LESSONS" 

Which means the nature of

"earthly challenges"

one's SOUL has chosen to learn from

in this current human incarnation.


Derrick then references the


every individual hand tells and he

 utilizes all of this information

to inform his readees

how they may better 



and fulfilling life.


Hand readings for Life Insight

with Derrick Little

are by appointment only 

in & around the NYC area.


Distance readings are available by request

and small group readings are available

as wellness and enrichment events 

for small, intimate gatherings.


See what his readees have to say



Regarding Hand Reading:


There is a valuable message enscribed in

every living person's hand.

As a hand-reader and hand-analyst,

Derrick Little has learned how to read

and translate the message in 

your unique hand to assist you to become 

the fullest expression of yourself.


The palmar lines (or lines in the palm)

 develop in the hands of un unborn child

around the 12th week of human gestation

and the fingerprints develop

5 months before birth.


Encoded within the palmar lines,

the shape/structure of the hand

and the never-changing fingerprints

are a physical language

which reveals the character,

soul's purpose and life lessons for each of us

during our lifetime on this planet.


Hands reveal not just one's character,

but also one's innate gifts, 

one's soul purpose and

one's unique life lessons.


Derrick began a

lifetime study of palmistry

  in Rishikesh, India in 1996.


In addition to his lifetime of personal

research and study of

traditional palmistry,

Derrick is a student of contemporary

master hand analyst, author

and wise woman, 

Ronelle Coburn from the

International Institute of Hand Analysis.


For information and bookings

 please visit the



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