Hand Analysis is an ancient method and tool to gain immense self-knowledge and incredibly specific insight for personal guidance on one's unique Life Path.


The information Derrick translates from the hands includes:

  • One's "Life PURPOSE" Which means a state of being one "longs to inhabit" on a SOUL LEVEL where they likely feel the most sense of fullfilment in living
  • One's "Life LESSONS" Which means the nature of "earthly challenges" one's SOUL has chosen to learn from in this current human incarnation.
  • One's Unique Gifts and Elemental Makeup (Earth/Air/Fire/Water) How elemental balances and imbalances can help or hinder one's progress on Life Lessons/Soul Purpose.


Hand readings for with Derrick Little are by appointment only.


For more info visit Derrick's Hand Analysis website: www.InsightinHand.com


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