Derrick Little is a life-long student of Palmistry.


His palm readings are non-predictive but highly informative from the level of one's Soul.


The lines, shape and patterns in one's hands are a type of written language. Derrick has studied  the "language of the hand" and uses his skill to assist individuals seeking their "true north" in life.


When reading your hands Derrick will define your soul-level gifts and your soul-level challenges. He translates the information in your hands into a concise message about how you can live your best life.


Derrick offers readings to people all over the world and his rates are:

  • $ 150 for 1 Hr. in-person consult for individauls visiting Kauai
  • $ 200 for 1 Hr. consults in the continental USA. (long-distance readings are excuted via one-rate postage & an inked print of your hand. The cost includes hand-printing kit and all postage/materials. Hand-printing demo video at bottom of this page. International Readings are also available but international postage rates will be applied


Steps to schedule a hand reading with Derrick:

  1. Contact Derrick via phone or email.
  2. Purchase your session via Venmo (@derricklittleNYC) or via this secure paypal link: Book Derrick Via Paypal
  3. Once your payment is received, Derrick will call you to schedule an in-person reading, or, for long-distance readings, he will mail you a self-printing kit (see video below) and a pre-paid return envelope.
  4. Once he receives your hand prints he will set-up your 1 hour long-distance reading date/time.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What does a reading cost?

$ 150 for an hour on Kauaa

$ 200 for a long-distance Reading anywhere else


How long is a reading?

1 hour


Is the session recorded?

Yes and Derrick will send you a copy afterwards


Are readings in-person or on phone?

Derrick offers in-person readings for people in Kauai (Hawaii) & offers long-distance readings for people anywhere in the USA

(note: Derrick also reads internationally but additional postage will be added)


How does a "long-distance" hand reading work?

Derrick mails you a self-print hand printing kit and a return envelope.

You print your hands using the materials he mails you and then simply mail your prints back in the return envelope for him to analyze.


What will one gain via a Hand Reading with Derrick?

  • Non-predictive "life purpose consult" can point you toward your unique "True North". Derrick translates the unique, life map written in your hands and uses it to outline, define, clarify and clearly explain the UNIQUE gifts that exist within you and are meant to be harnessed, utilized and inhabited during your lifetime. He also defines the challenges and obstacles that your soul came here to learn from.

  • Understanding your gifts and your challenges from the soul level allows you to understand, confront, engage and consciously work through them.

  • A professional hand reading by a skilled practitioner of "hand analysis" offers a deep understanding of self so you may cultivate excitement and gratitude for your unique life path and unlock truly purposeful living.



Below is a video on how to use the hand-printing kit he will mail to you to print your hands for your reading. 


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