Derrick Little 

is a NYC based artist,

sacred sound musician,

sound healer,

Usui-Shiki Ryoho REIKI

practitioner and

 kundalini yoga teacher 

and trained hand analyst/palm reader.


errick was given his

spiritual name: Mantra Deva Singh 

from the after years of practicing

Kundalini Yoga (which he also teaches).


Mantra = Divine Word/Sound

Deva = One who is Angelic

Singh= Fealess Lion of G.O.D.


In keeping with his blessed

spiritual name, Derrick/Mantra

has studied sacred sound

as a healing modality with 

sacred sound masters including

Diane Mandle, Jay Schwed,

Tito LaRosa,  John Beaulieu,

 Phillipe and Leia Garnier

at SAGE Academy of Sound Healing

and Satya Brat at 

The International Academy of Sound Healing.


He has completed certification/attunements

into Usui-Shiki Ryoho Reiki with

Giovanna Kapsi and Mika Ichihara at

the Center for Love and Compassion NYC.


Derrick is a lifelong student of decoding

the hand via traditional palmistry and

also trained by Ronelle Coburn in IIHA Methods of

scientific hand analysis for deciphering

Soul-Psychology and Life Purpose.


Derrick holds certifications in

"SOUND: Sonic Life Force Healing"

with bowl-master Jay Schwed,


"SOUND: The Ultimate Medicine

for Mind, Body & Spirit"

with IASH 


Derrick offers private, one-on-one

 Sound Healing/REIKI sessions

and also plays healing

Sound Baths for the Community.


In addition to sacred sound,

Derrick/Mantra is a celebrated trailblazer

(and grandfather!) within the

face and body painting industry,

a lifelong practitioner 

of Palmistry and Tarot.

and a cause-driven leader,

working to better himself and the world,

by building bridges through

community service.


Visit his sister sites,

showcasing his work

as a visual artist at:


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