My name is Derrick Little,

aka Mantra Deva.


 I am a NYC based artist

& spiritual warrior

 who moonlights as a

sacred sound musician  

and a kundalini yoga teacher.


I am a visual artist

and a noted pioneer in the 

face and body art industry

with a keen and growing interest

in the power of

sacred, healing sound.


I've studied many different

philosophies of sound healing

and attended sound healing intensives

and workshops with

sacred sound practitioners


Diane Mandle, Jay Schwed,

Tito LaRosa,  John Beaulieu

and Phillipe and Leia Garnier

at SAGE Academy of Sound Healing

in Woodstock NY.


When not making visual art, or 

painting faces & bodies,

I study and practice the

science and art of hand reading

(aka Palmistry).


I am a lifelong student

of Tarot and am

well-versed in the

languages of symbols.


These days you can find me

traveling about town

with my collection of

healing crystal bowls and 

a 55 lb. gong strapped

to my back.


I extend an open invitation

to my monthly ceremonial

 sound baths

and intive you to visit

any of my sister websites

if you are interested in

knowing more about the

other things I do:





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