Derrick Little aka Mantra Deva Singh is a professional life purpose hand analyst (Palmist), a Kundalini yogi and teacher (practicing since 2002), an Usui-Shiki Ryoho Reiki II practitioner, visual artist and sacred sound practitioner. The modalities he has trained in & practices include:

It is in humble and devoted service that Derrick offers gratitude to the universe and to all his clients and for the guidance of so many gifted, compassionate and truly wise teachers including: Patricia Masters, Jack Doroshow, George Little Sr., Yogi Bhajan, Diane Mandle, Mika Ichihara, Yogi Amandeep Singh, Ronelle Coburn and Nanda.


Below is a short interview with Derrick from a trip he took to read hands at La Diosa, a Goddess shop in Copenhagen, DK. In the interview Derrick discusses himself, his ideas about healing, reiki, hand reading and his personal journey, enjoy!


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