My name is Derrick Little.

My spiritual name* is Mantra Deva Singh.

I am a NYC-based ArtistSound Medicine PractitionerUsui-Shiki Ryoho REIKI  practitionerKundalini Yoga TeacherScientific Hand Analyst and Palmist


My own life's dramatic and positive transformation via intentional sound practices led me to explore & learn traditional techniques, protocol & theory about sound as an energy medicine. Since 2010 I've dedicated myself to the practice of sound as a transformative healing modality. I have met and learned from many skilled and loving master sound healers including Diane Mandle, Jay SchwedTito LaRosa, John BeaulieuPhillipe and Leia Garnier at SAGE Academy of Sound Healing and Satya Brat at The International Academy of Sound Healing.


* My name translates as "the fearless Lion who embodies his Angelic Self in the world by Meditating on God's inner divine soud".
It was given to me by the foundational flagship organization of Kundalini Yoga in the US,


I learned the protocol, practice and spiritual lineage of Reiki I & Reiki II from master light worker, Mika Ichihara, at the Center for Love and Compassion NYC.


I now offer Sound + REIKI sessions where I use my knowledge and experience to hold space for individuals seeking to heal themselves.


I am also a professional hand reader.

In 1996, in India I was introduced to Vedic Palmistry (Hast Jyotish), an ancient hand reading technique used as a tool for wisdom, wellness and knowledge. Since then I've remained a student of palmistry dedicated 20+ years to the practice of learning about and reading hands as an earth science, divine language and unmatched tool for personal growth.


I am forever indebted to master contemporary hand analyst, author and wise woman Ronelle Coburn (my beloved contemporary teacher) and to the countless luminaries in the field, including Richard Ungar, Beverly Jaegers, Fred Gettings, William Benham to name a few.


I offer non-predictive, scientific, methodical, practical and extremely USEFUL hand readings (in person or long-distance) based on the Divine Language of the hands. My readings deliver a clear message of insight which can be applied to your day to day life, to better understand yourself, your life path and assist you to manifest living your best life. 


It brings me extreme joy, peace and self-worth to realize my dedication, training and personal journey has prepared me to be the modern healer I am. I am humbled and blessed to know that I have positively impacted many individuals from all walks of life.


Other fun facts about me:

I am a well-known face and body painting artist, (profiled by the New York Times and on Martha Stewart, lol!)

I am a devotional singer and sacred sound musician.

I've been New Yorker of the Week for the volunteer work I've done with endangered youth.

I am a survivor, a poet, a lover of the downtrodden and a seeker of all the good and all the God that is here for us to enjoy in this perfectly imperfect world.


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