Derrick Little 

(Mantra Deva Singh)

is a NYC based Artist,

Sound Healer,

Usui-Shiki Ryoho REIKI


 Kundalini Yoga Teacher,

Hand Analyst and Palmist.


 Derrick/Mantra has practiced 

Sound as Medicine since 2010

and hand analysis for 20+ years.


He's studied sound with

Diane Mandle, Jay Schwed,

Tito LaRosa,  John Beaulieu,

 Phillipe and Leia Garnier

at SAGE Academy of Sound Healing


The International Academy of Sound Healing.


He studied Usui-Shiki Ryoho Reiki 

with teacher Mika Ichihara at

Center for Love and Compassion NYC.


A lifelong student of Palmistry,

Derrick began reading hands

via the teachings of Cheiro & Heron-Allen 

while in Rishikesh, India circa 1996.


He now regularly

counsels/coaches individuals 

based on the incredible insight

he translates from the hand

to assist his clients to live a more 

fulfilling and purposeful life.


Derrick is a protege

of master hand analyst

Ronelle Coburn, IIHA.


Derrick/Mantra is also a

trailblazer/influencer within the 

world of theatrical makeup,

specifically Face and Body Painting.


His theatrical makeup designs are

utilized in global campaigns

by Party City, Amscan,

Spirit Halloween,

Easter Unlimited and more.


He is recognized as one of the top

Face and Body Paint Artists

in the industry.




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