Derrick Little performs

on-site sound baths

for individuals and groups

in and around

New York City and the

NY-Metro Area.


A Sound Bath is a unique,


that is believed to

have a wide range of

positive effects.


There is much literature

and popular interest in 

sound baths nowadays.


As someone who 

"works" with sound in my own

"spiritual practice"

on a daily basis,

most of my beliefs about

the "power of sound"

come from my personal



Thus rather than recapitulate

the vast theories, popular press,

research studies, shamanic methods 

or even medical science behind

sound therapies,

I simply invite those with interest

to have the experience

and formulate their own opinion.


For some interesting

visual experiments showing 

how tones/frequencies and sound can

reconfigure, balance and organize

physical matter

check out Cymatics.


If sound has the ability to

reconfigure physical matter

like water or sand

(as seen via Cymatics)

It is likely sound can also

assist us to restructure

and rebalance

our physcal bodies as well.


During a sound bath,

Derrick plays various instruments



Pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls,

 Gong, Native Flutes,

Spirit Drum,

Drone Instruments,

Crystal Pyramids,




All with Intention


Sound baths affect individuals

in a vast variety of ways.

Most people find them

calming, grounding and



Generally they induce

a state of deep relaxation

during which our physical body

may better functions

to recover/repair itself from stress.


When we are stress-free and relaxed

it is believed our physical body’s

glandular, cellular,


and lymphatic systems

can more efficiently

restore, repair and maintain

overall wellness

in both mind and body.


Thus the term

Sound Mind = Sound Body




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