We each possess the power

to heal ourselves.

Some of us just require

some extra tools.



My journey into

"sound healing"

and the world of

sacred sounds 

started when my life

fell apart.


 In a place of

immense darkness,

sorrow, loss, anger

and overal despair

I miraculously acquired

my first crystal singing bowl.


This bowl would become

my teacher,

and a key which

began to unlock

countless doors into

the process

of my own self-healing.



quickly became a survival


for me during what was

without a doubt

the most trying time

 of my adult life.


I forged a daily practice

with this one crystal bowl

with its piercing resonance.


This bowl’s sound/frequency 

was like a focused wind 

which blew into and through

the rafters of what was left 

of my broken self.


I set my intention

to clear/release/recover

from many negative influences

and damaging habits that I

had habitually repeated

 my entire life.


The sound of this one bowl,

coupled with my intention 

and a deepening spiritual practice,

had a clearing and grounding effect  

 unlike anything I'd experienced.


Sacred sound and song

became a source of

much needed LIGHT

that slowly but surely

led me out of what

(at that time)

seemed a bottomless pit

of despair.


That was 2010.


It was the beginning of a

journey that continues 

to teach me as it leads me

with each new day.



I continue to use

therapeutic/sacred sound,


and intention for wellness

and overall self-maintenance.


And it is with much gratitude

that I share this "music"

that I believe

allows us to connect

and dance with

our Divine Source.


Sound body = Sound mind



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