Derrick Little

is a NYC based visual artist

 who moonlights as a

sacred sound musician  

and kundalini yoga teacher.


He is a noted visual artist

and industry innovator in the 

face and body art industry

with a keen and growing interest

in the power of sacred sounds

and sound healing.


Derrick plays a variety of

healing instruments including

pure quartz bowls,

gongs, native flutes, drum

harmonica, shruti drones

ukelele and the all-healing VOICE.


He is a self-taught musician

whose late father was a skilled

native american flute maker.

(The spirit if his father

undoubtedly teaches/guides 

 Derrick every time he plays

one of his dad's hand-made flutes!)


Derrik has "formally" studied

and attended "sound healing"

intensives and workshops with

"sound healers"  including

Diane Mandle, Jay Schwed,

Tito LaRosa,  John Beaulieu

and Phillipe and Leia Garnier

at SAGE Academy of Sound Healing

in Woodstock NY.


When not making visual art

Derrick performs "sound baths"

in and around the NY Metro area.


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